Jam Thieves, Kyara, BassBrothers – Wtf Ep [Playaz]

From the clay shattering subs on WTF to slightest yet funk fuelled Kravitz, Junglist gain up vibes on Dunno A Uneasiness to the intense grooves on I'm Out featuring Kyara this is plainly a EP showcasing the boys contrast and inventive go. Since exclusively signing to Playaz Recordings they bear gone from will-power to resoluteness and their latest present WTF EP is nothing diminutive of faculty. Teaming up with nickname mates Jam Thieves, Pusher steps up next with devastative drops, Nocuous Bring forth drives rash with inexorable dynamism then Garden Of Eden wraps things up nicely with a mystical and techy vibe. Antiseptic D&B distinctiveness with store dance base attraction After astounding hold up from DJ Hype, Crissy Cris, Luck along side diverse more, they were awarded the tenure of "Superior Civil D&B Producers" at the COP Drum & Bass Awards 2013. Hailing from the Portuguese burgh of Viana do Castelo, the Bass Brothers comprise been making universal waves since they started subvene in 2011.

BassBrothers - WTF (Original Mix)
BassBrothers - Kravitz (Original Mix)
BassBrothers - Dunno a Dread (Original Mix)
Kyara, BassBrothers - I'm Out feat. Kyara (Original Mix)
Jam Thieves, BassBrothers - Pusher (Original Mix)
BassBrothers - Deadly Spawn (Original Mix)