Jak Jaxon, The Producers, Vortex, Rainforest Project – Just Beats 6 [Moxi Records]

Total fo tech lineage, techno and tribal homestead beats tools for dj set enhancement or conformity construction.Electronic music – an wonderful symbiosis of cultural traditions from everywhere the clique

Rainforest Project - Poison Beats (Original Mix)
Rainforest Project - Tree Beats (Original Mix)
The Bongo Man - Ancient Drums (Original Mix)
The Bongo Man - Brute Beats (Original Mix)
The Bongo Man - Fire Beats (Original Mix)
Vortex - Fire Beats (Original Mix)
Vortex - Race Beats (Original Mix)
Vortex - Ring Beats (Original Mix)
The Producers - Bongo Tool (Original Mix)
Jak Jaxon - Freakin Beats (Original Mix)