Jak Jaxon, Melt, Matt Hoyson, Dan Soden – Just Beats 5 [Moxi Records]

Comprehensive interminably tech home, techno and tribal dwelling-place beats tools for dj set enhancement or adjust construction.Electronic music – an fabulous symbiosis of cultural traditions from all about the circle

Dan Soden - Every Day Drums (Original Mix)
Vortex - Voodoo Drums (Original Mix)
Soundscape - Slaprica Drums (Original Mix)
The Bongo Man - Driver Drums (Original Mix)
Rainforest Project - Poison Frog Drums (Original Mix)
The Test Tube Twins - Goof Drums (Original Mix)
Matt Hoyson - Bum Drums (Original Mix)
Melt - Attention Drums (Original Mix)
Dan Soden - Gala Drums (Original Mix)
Jak Jaxon - Bonga Drums (Original Mix)