Jak Jaxon, Astraglide, Dan Soden, Melt – New Era Tools 5 [New Era Recordings]

Gleaning of remarkably helpful sated extent drum tracks, acapellas and noise FX. Can be occupied whilst dee-jaying, or for actual sets, or for use in conformity construction.

Melt - Strange Beats (Original Mix)
Melt - Mini Drum Tool (Original Mix)
Vortex - Tek Beatz (Original Mix)
Vortex - Ring Drums (Original Mix)
Jay Hannah T - I Have A Soul (Acapella)
Mioko - Revelation (Acapella)
Soundscape - Effects Tool 2 (Original Mix)
Dan Soden - Process (Beats Mix)
Astraglide - Only (Drum Tool)
Jak Jaxon - Freakin Beats (Original Mix)