Jaguar Boy – The Prophet [Serapis]

In the mystery of the self lies the mystery of the lord and to know the former is to know the latter. Jaguar Boy makes his debut on Serapis with his first release, The Prophet. This 2-track stunner is re-birth born wonder of the 3 worlds enchantment of bliss magic to enjoy! Humanity is the essence of divinity — and man or women becomes God in strength of their love; man and women then are at the highest in the world, for it is only he or she who revels in supreme love. Welcome to the Prophet, this techno thriller is the sweetheart of a divine romance. Are you ready to listen to your fortune prance? Man cannot realize his love-nature without being in relation to his sweetheart; it is through the touch of the sweetheart that the lamp is lit within. In this original this tech house sound comes with a roar. Are you ready to hit the dance floor? …

Jaguar Boy - The Prophet (Original Mix)
Jaguar Boy - Stop, Like This (Original Mix)