Jade Rolt – Jadeness Ep [Night & Day Ibiza Music]

Jadeness is a dreamlike dance floor track composed by a firm kick, a tripping flute melody, percussive sounds, and a groove that embraces the song. Some lyrics occured after creating the melody and these where finally sliced and introduced soundwise. As a result of all these elements a groovey, elegant and dreamy track was given birth.

E-type is a deep tech house track that builds up as pushing the accelerator and changing gear of such an iconic classic car. The name is due to Jade Rolt's legendary grandfather, Tony Rolt and her father's passion for classical cars giving her the chance to live the magical experience of being ridden in one when she was a child.
While travelling along the sound and atmosphere of the track you are experiencing an exquisit journey through groovey rythms and carefully selected elements, all integrated in an amazing trip adressed to the listeners soul making him enjoy a lovely ride using from the first to the last gear.

Jade Rolt - Jadeness (Original Mix)
Jade Rolt - E Type (Original Mix)