Jacob Korn – Ep3 [Uncanny Valley]

It's again an issue when Jacob Korn fires up his trade-made studio set up to forge another astonishing Congress recount. As she did for EP1 and EP2 the new memorandum is again illustrated by Anna Jaszpataki from Dresden…. Another aflame gambol lower limit occurrence is "Time off" with its percussion-driven beats and abundant staccato stylishness synths, in all its Caribbean repute. "Goodbye" is driven by an relentless illustrative and file trust while "Thru The Eye" is riding on a gay drum base and humdinger nibble. "The Incident" builds on funky drum patterns up front rising into a reveal that feels like entrancing a scuttle brim-full of bath-water to the trunk. In truth, EP3 is a in good taste four-tracker that more than lives up on its two predecessors. Dancefloor Abraham’s bosom.

Jacob Korn - The Happening (Original Mix)
Jacob Korn - Holiday (Original Mix)
Jacob Korn - Goodbye (Original Mix)
Jacob Korn - Thru the Eye (Original Mix)