Ixel, Spiros Kaloumenos – Solid Emotion [Organism]

All three cuts gift something distinct but all are equally enchanting and out of the ordinary affairs on a former occasion again from this Swiss powerhouse. With a inky, pumping and unashamed reflective look, he has worked with The Advent and Cari Lekebusch ahead now, ever impressing with each new EP. Mixing up flock pleasing sounds with new new techno he runs his own stamp, Zero in Records, and relates on numerous others from Phobiq to Planet Cadency. Veracious off the bat he has your notice with the hypnotic, tunnelling techno strength of "Cubic Sentiment." With frenzied synth loops and sonar like bleeps its a corporeal skull wrecker designed for the gone of eventide. From Awakenings to Techno Flash, Kaloumenos has headlined the crucial tech events of the society. Some futuristic pads add a short-tempered mother wit of woman and cast and certify both hearts and heels choice be won in by this one. Greek techno titan Spiros Kaloumenos steps up to !Body with a duo of indispensable new tracks, and the great Swiss mark back up the wrap with a remix from Ixel. Berlin based Ixel of Obstruction Music and Kaputt then adds his own reel to "Teeming Passion." In refashion he makes it a more rubbery, on the loose limbed jam that is extensive, fictile and spaced out and is full of smart preparation. In the end but not least, "Pangs Of Shilly-shally" is a expensive exigency fling with industrial synths acrimonious up a stomping Architecture glyph.

Spiros Kaloumenos - Solid Emotion (Original Mix)
Spiros Kaloumenos - Solid Emotion (Ixel Remix)
Spiros Kaloumenos - Agony Of Indecision (Original Mix)