Ixel – Hidden Shapes [Wall Music]

The spectrum ranges from far instrumentality & hypnotic Techno to reckless to acid. Eleven gigantic dancefloor oriented driving techno tracks that emerge functionally primarily uncompromising but multifaceted. With Veiled Shapes Ixel presents his debut Album on Derange Music. Enriched with Detroit melodies techno and undying 808 or 909 Sounds, has this album out-and-out primetime by Alhek Mastering Artwork made by Lukas Hamacher – Sheathe by Ixel

Ixel - Torus (Original Mix)
Ixel - Polygon (Original Mix)
Ixel - Rhombos (Original Mix)
Ixel - Quadrat (Original Mix)
Ixel - Trapez (Original Mix)
Ixel - Helix (Original Mix)
Ixel - Cylinder (Original Mix)
Ixel - Prism (Original Mix)
Ixel - Cone (Original Mix)
Ixel - Pyramid (Original Mix)
Ixel - Triangle (Original Mix)