IVON, Kazak, Selfdika, Julia Chelli – Tray More Sampler #002 – Deep & Tech [Tray More Records]

This sounds is dispos to slope you on a planet of tech&beyond music. Pass out is remastered by Sledger Music in 2016. a few times ago Tray More Records started to discharge the sampler releases and now we proximate a younger say of that – sampler 002 'Inscrutable and Tech Collecting' includes five tracks from contrastive artists – from chasmal dynasty to techno. … Hope you use to advantage it.

Julia Chelli - Forecast (Original Mix)
Nikolaev Project - Wood Story 2016 (Remastered Mix)
Selfdika - Deviator (Original Mix)
Kazak - Dark Water (Original Mix)
IVON - One Epic Ride (Original Mix)