Ivan Roudyk – Make Love Not War [Electrica Records]

Electrica Records & Ivan Roudyk present their brand new single "Make Love Not War".
The Russian artist has created this music in protest against the numerous military conflicts we have which destroy our world. The phrase 'Make Love Not War' is rooted back to the 60s and refers to the hippie culture. That's why the cover has the picture of the iconic hippie bus.
The track, which is a blend of Deep House and Progressive, stands out by its impressive arrangement. In the new single by Ivan, you will find a strong beat, a cool bassline, elements of rap, and even the sound of female pleasure. This track, like all the previous Ivan's releases, is perfect for both club and private home parties.

Copyright: Electrica Records
Publisher: Music 2 Business

Ivan Roudyk - Make Love Not War (Original Mix)