Ivan Martin, Rodri Deniz, Lucena – Music [RD Recordings]

Following on from their "Closed Allowance Ep (RD016) and "In The Pelt" (RD017) Lucena, Rodri Deniz and Ivan Martin turns in in their third forming for Regimented Inflow Recordings Circumscribed. From!! Powerfull nonconformist accoutrements for your ears !! For the impaired remix we invite Ivan Martin from Las Palmas De Gran Canaria with his grand inscrutable techno trough beats by aimed for the dancefloor. Blasphemous abstruse family striation tracks from RD Recordings, immense kicks, funky basslines and slammin' drum tracks for the flock all beyond the the public. Hello!! What more could you ask for? On the original cut we suffer with the Prototypical Mix made by Lucena, a striation laidback unfathomable edifice workout for groovy fillers, the first remix comes in c of Rodri Deniz influenced by the tribal mysterious techno that keep one’s ears open on the Canary Islands striation dancefloors as peaktime Thespian.

Lucena - Music (Original Mix)
Lucena - Music (Rodri Deniz Remix)
Lucena - Music (Ivan Martin Remix)