Ivan Komlinovic, Avoid aka Vladimir Acic – Confused Memories [Tauten]

Confusing clubbers with his refreshed interest in darker techno sound, Novi Sad's DJ and producer Vladimir A?i? is finally back to his roots. After a notable change of music style on a couple of his last gigs, A?i? is delivering a new EP Confusing Memories on Tauten label.
With fresh style comes a different alias – Avoid. In spite of the alias, the EP is basically unavoidable and done almost entirely in a live studio session. It all starts with Dust, a track where A?i? played with distortion, the one that's sucking you into the Confusing Memory. Dust is followed by a completely twisted one sharing the name with the EP. Built around this crazy rhythm section, Confusing Memories, is definitely the king of the release. The third and the last track is a remix done by Ivan Komlinovi?, A?i?'s colleague from Zagreb. Keeping the tempo up and running, it gives the Confusing Memory a proper end – an exclamation point to say the least.
Tauten's 27th release is here! Listen, repeat, confuse the memories!

Avoid aka Vladimir Acic - Dusk (Original Mix)
Avoid aka Vladimir Acic - Confused Memories (Original Mix)
Avoid aka Vladimir Acic - Confused Memories (Ivan Komlinovic Remix)