Irregular Disco Workers, Elektromekanik, Disco Doubles, The Sweeps – Careless [Emerald & Doreen Records]

1000%% Disco strictly electronic yet humane and warm at heart THE SWEEPS are easily as synthetic and sweet as their spaced out synth pop from Hamburg. The trio around dulcettoned singer Kristina Brodowski and keyboardists Christoph Duwe & Niels Wesner continues to pursue the perfect pop song with a gentle nod to 1980s greats analogue synths The Sweeps formidable Italo Disco Electro Pop song Carless combines sweet melodies with laidback vocals meandering smoothly between Electro Pop Italo Disco and pure synthesizer nostalgia. Now buckle up and check this out! A Copycat Dim Zach The Irregular Disco Workers Elekromekanik The Disco Doubles & The Note V deliver you a pure & heavenly disco dynamite inferno that leaves nothing open to ask for. For the disco connoisseurs and everyone who wants to indulge himself into a good old nostalgic disco bliss deluxe this is the release of the season. Dance Baby Dance!

The Sweeps - Careless (Dim Zach Remix)
The Sweeps - Careless (The Note V Remix)
The Sweeps - Careless (A Copycat Remix)
The Sweeps - Careless (Disco Doubles Remix)
The Sweeps - Careless (Elektromekanik Remix)
The Sweeps - Careless (Irregular Disco Workers Remix)
The Sweeps - Careless (Original Mix)