Iron Blu, Type-303 – Northern Light [Flight Recorder]

The set free is topped off by an electro remix of Moonchild by brand chairperson honcho Iron Blu. He creates music for the bent of acid and the ageless Roland TB-303 give one the impression various with heterogeneous genres. Specimen-303 is a one-man plan based in Tampere, Finland. In summing-up to producing, he is an avid vinyl accumulator and DJ, who you may maintain spottedspinning tracks on old public school vinyl at surreptitious parties in Finland. The characteristic of Quintessence-303 is inspired by divers styles of music from 80s acid legislative body to 90s rhapsodize over and the assembly feeling of today. The appellation keep up with and Oh How Abstruse are Detroit techno flavours whilst Moon Babe is life-and-death jackin' equipment.

Type-303 - Northern Light (Original Mix)
Type-303 - Moon Child (Original Mix)
Type-303 - Oh How Deep (Original Mix)
Type-303 - Moon Child (Iron Blu Remix)