Ioon Cosmic Downtempo – Runner’s High Ep [Luxnova Records]

What would happen if some deep grooves, beautiful ambient textures and a sprinkle of psychedelic vibes were blended together? Well, wonder no more, 'cause Graygoo's old friend Ioon Cosmic Downtempo knows the answer pretty well! Keen to any kind of experimentation, Ioon brings his very own touch to the typical deep and progressive sound, and provides two beautiful, introspective 9-minutes trips for a full mind-expanding experience. The Runner's High EP will hit your subconscious on 04/07/16, courtesy of LuxNova Records.

Ioon Cosmic Downtempo - Runner's High - Part 1 (Original Mix)
Ioon Cosmic Downtempo - Runner's High - Part 2 (Original Mix)