Intra, Spherix, Jordi Roure – Sunokami [Tangled Audio]

Ideal sounds of dream state coupled with an component of sortilege are carried by the chunky rolling bassline from one end to the other. The steer is enormous and the descend dynamite. Big bassline, techy percussion, an ambient gated vocal all over and passion from the pads in the mental collapse. This is big pitch and choice smash the trip the light fantastic toe deck. The Intra & Spherix Remix is something else! A elephantine riff lifts the review throughout its sub pads and hits a crescendo at the slope. Uninfected uplifting semi-conscious filled of euphoria and power. Jordi Roure joins the ranks with his line 'Sunokami'. Pounding, doleful and driving are all words I would use to tell of this nightmarishn of follow.

Jordi Roure - Sunokami (Original Mix)
Jordi Roure - Sunokami (Intra & Spherix Remix)
Jordi Roure - Sunokami (Radio Edit)
Jordi Roure - Sunokami (Intra & Spherix Radio Edit)