intimate Project – Lost In Brooklyn [Intimate Project Music]

intimate Project, the rising NYC duo and label heads behind intimate Project Music, return to display their artistry and talent on the label. The duo makes a comeback with their second album, titled "Lost in Brooklyn". The album was in the making for nearly a year during which the duo constantly worked to improve their skills and style to put out six tracks; many of them containing loads of energy and full atmospheres behind groovy percussions that will surely capture the mind's attention. intimate Project duo has been evolving their sound and proof of that is this album where they express their style rendered in different ways but always with their signature mark and originality.

intimate Project - Lost in Brooklyn (Original Mix)
intimate Project - Juhne (Original Mix)
intimate Project - intriga (Original Mix)
intimate Project - Felicia (Original Mix)
intimate Project - The Guardian (Original Mix)
intimate Project - Timeless Love (Original Mix)