Innsexx, Monk3ylogic, Innsexx – S.w.a.r.m. [Broken Records]

Luke Burns AKA InnSexX has brought the Bug-Star back again with another brilliant Ep of diversive rhythms.
3 killer tracks , to drop into any dancefloor ready to ignite!
Heading 3 Melbourne kicks off with its razor sharp tech-funk flavour, throbbing bassline, searing leads and crackling percussion, next is the long awiated remix of Monk3ylogic's 'Agent of Chaos' , skillfully reimagined by Luke, this track drives hard and bursts into the open road with a six gear, you never knew existed, Alienoid landscapes and futuristic sounds!!
The final track Turkish Delight brings a whole different flavour to dancefloor, quirky solid techno with deep groove to bring out the Bizarre-A-Saurus in us all.
shows the passion for the music he quite clearly lives and breathes.

Innsexx - Heading 3 Melbourne (Original Mix)
Monk3ylogic - Agent of Chaos (InnSexX Remix)
Innsexx - Turkish Delight (Original Mix)