Infasion – Stressed [Famara Records]

Is a pleasure to present the new Famara EP, composed by "Infasion" who is colaborating with us mading his first released. Stefan Parachivescu is a young artist, of just 16 years old, from Bucarest who pretends to introduce seriosly sounds inside to a rythmic and dark techno grooving tracks. Inmesed in the music world with just 8 years of age, is a young but great artist who promises to reach the highest. Compound with two tracks, Stressed,EP's name, and Cotidian. It will inmersed you inside a spiral of deep and potent sounds to vibrate and dream on the vibe, always flowing in a techno line.

Infasion - Stressed (Original Mix)
Infasion - Cotidian (Original Mix)