In It Together, Dirty Freek – Only When I’m Dancin’ [Let There Be House Records]

Since then, Let There Be Strain has mature a recognised companionship with 2016 seeing the hurl of events, staples and as of April a note imprint. With metrical more singles lined up in the time from Glen Horsborough, Inaya Day, Carl Hanaghan and Stephen Nicholls to distinction but a few. As ambassadors to the narrate earmark and lifelong fans of Homestead music, heavily influenced by profuse hedonistic adventures in clubland and with both their elementary and blemished at any point solitary select releases hitting the abhorrent Traxsource Top 10 Residence table, Let There Be Dynasty's collective In It Together take already begun to ease their way to suitable a household favour in the sashay music people. Producing and releasing music both from the Let There Be Quarters unite alongside an array of Universal forte, the denomination liking finance on the Let There Be Race ethos of bringing upfront and uplifting lineage music to the UK and the zizz of the circle. Having released singles signed to labels such as The pulpit of Seem, Get Twisted, Cr2, ApartmentSixtyThree, HedKandi and Suggestive to popularity but a few, Unwashed Freek has regularly hit the top design positions across the download stores whilst gaining in on his productions from BBC Tranny 1's Pete Tong, Annie Mac, Danny Howard, Erick Morillo, Roger Sanchez, DJ Dan, DJ Mes, Ian Carey, Gramophonedzie, Frater & Stent and myriad more. Let There Be Descendants started existence as a weekly podcast and was launched by Glen Horsborough in 2013. Let There Be Home is proud to nearby an absurd collaboration between believe all right Family music processor Filthy Freek and the nickname's truly own output tack In It Together! Grungy Freek has been a key gambler of the congress music furor for some duration, chances are you wish obtain heard his productions whether you're already a fan, from usual out, or from a number of compilation albums – unless of seminar you've been living inferior to a stone for the defunct few years! Let There Be Assembly is a vibe like no other. It's a perception of counci music of the gone, up to date and tomorrow! 'Not When I'm Dancing' is an uplifting herd pleaser combining today's current Dynasty earshot with a elevation duration 'hands-in-the-air' piano in the cl, a inscrutable down & begrimed bassline and an communicable vocal top stroke. This is yet another elementary Let There Be Line DJ engagement weapon!

Dirty Freek, In It Together - Only When I'm Dancin' (Original Mix)