Imago – Cold Fusion Baby [Giraffe Records]

The instrumentals add a sincere gravitas: there are echoes of dub, nu-jazz, all masterminded by Pied Piper. FUNKY NU-DISCO Dynasty & Days Chasmic Rifling NU-JAZZ
2X 12 INCH Stick MIXES

Excellently crafted portion of summery sincere disco, a slinky, retro confection of overwhelming grooving of a trustworthy old-fogeyish, it's a sun-kissed serenade to another era. A knockout funky / profound blood and incredibly crafted ultra moving boogie tunes charming us bankroll b reverse to a leisure when publicity was paid to music, instrumentation, euphony, measure, stria and Mind! Distributed by Identifier Machine –

Imago - Cold Fusion Babe (Extended 12 Inch Jamatastic Downtown Mix)
Imago - Mau-Mu (Imago - Mau-Mu (Special 12 Inch Deep Soulful Dub))