Image Sounds, Johan van der Voet, John Murray, Eddie Caldwell – The Rave: Hippie Classics [Urban White Monkeys]

Electronic music – an staggering symbiosis of cultural traditions from wide the fraternity

Eddie Caldwell - 7 Deadly Sins (QAXT New Sounds)
Matt Kjeldsen - Everybody Feelin Good (QAXT New Sounds)
Dean Wagg - Up In Front (QAXT New Sounds)
Music Candy - Electro Velocity (QAXT New Sounds)
Masterwerk - Darkly Shining (QAXT New Sounds)
John Murray - Take the Tram (QAXT New Sounds)
Johan van der Voet - Come on Up (QAXT New Sounds)
Image Sounds - Ravesaver (QAXT New Sounds)