Ill Chill, Kantyze – Fourth [Platform Music]

The French duo Kantyze returns with a third untie on Dais with a loaded-span album titled "Fourth" which is expected to make out later this month.

Kantyze - Scapegoats (Original Mix)
Kantyze - Aquadia (Original)
Kantyze - Ascention (Original)
Kantyze - Broadcasting (Original)
Kantyze - Floods (Original)
Kantyze - Forgotten (Original)
Kantyze - Monologue (Original)
Kantyze - Comic Con (Original)
Kantyze - Looser (Original)
Kantyze - Ogun (Original)
Kantyze - Mjolnir (Original)
Kantyze, Ill Chill - Non Existent (Original)