Ignacio Arfeli, Grooveandyes, Matias Rucci – Anger Of Lama [Bassics Records]

Matias Rucci presents 'Irritation Of Lama', his earliest sanctioned unchain for Bassics Records. A track packed of rhythmical lines, extreme vocals and seem fxs that label his going round effort. Also includes the remix of Ignacio Arfeli, excellent techno for the dancefloor and the adaptation of GrooveANDyes with melodies, grooves and synthesizers mixing tech-blood with a indigent ta.

Matias Rucci - Anger of Lama (Original Mix)
Matias Rucci - Anger of Lama (GrooveANDyes Remix)
Matias Rucci - Anger of Lama (Ignacio Arfeli Remix)