I1 Ambivalent, Noseda, Klangreaktor, Relume – Nightfall Ep [Darker Sounds]

Introducing Nightfall EP (DS030) the latest release from Darker Sounds.

Relume delivers the title track with 'Nightfall', pared down production with a driving beat that takes on its own haunting atmosphere without being weighted by effects.

Oleg Pw brings his track 'Heilagr' and provides a powerfully haunting vocal echoing alongside a minimal, dark bassline.

Oscar Porga's production 'i imagine' – I1 Ambivalent Unimaginative Remix – is a quickend, sinister track with fierce use of hihats that deliver in minimal but aggressive fashion.

Julian Viegas's track 'Dark Encode' combines piercing effects with an even, hollow percussion that translate into a balanced techno track.

'Don't Look Back' by Klangreaktor is a spellbinding production featuring thumping bass amidst threatening pads that deliver that classic darkly cavernous sound.

Noseda rounds out this EP with 'Demons World', a collection of eerie, soaring effects coupled with a furious bassline and mythical vocals that fit the standard for the EP and the label itself.

This powerful release of 6 tracks is a worthy addition to an already vast Darker Sounds library. 'Nightfall EP' is set to engage and deliver!

Relume - Nightfall (Original Mix)
Oleg Pw - Heilagr (Original Mix)
Oscar Porga - I Imagine (Unimaginative Remix)
Julian Viegas - Dark Encode (Original Mix)
Klangreaktor - Don't Look Back (Original Mix)
Noseda - Demons World (Original Mix)