I-rod – Hot And Ready [Society 3.0]

For specimen, the breach hundred (the name footprints itself) starts off with fashionably filtered beats in grouping to personify some extraordinary old grammar vibes owing to its walk and melodic backdrop. The labe of this hand out aptly describes the vibrant, punchy and voluptuous thought of this music, as these tracks seamlessly evolve in a quite potent and front-intellectual way. Again, "Neon Days" fresh reinforces the marvellous perception within this discrete album, making for a definitely stunning finale to a succinct, but separate and attractive EP. More recent keep up with, "Constant" kicks it up a mark up with its regular cane and touch-and-go cut, shining a flashlight on I-ROD's unexcelled mix of creativity and perspective. I-ROD is a auteur with an eclectic soup and a marked affection for electronic music. His up to date disenthral is an EP titled "Hot and Psyched up".

I-rod - Hot and Ready (Original Mix)
I-rod - Faithful (Original Mix)
I-rod - Neon Days (Original Mix)