Hyman Bass, Manuel Costela – That Summer [Mona Records]

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Mona Records (C) 2016 Mastering by Sudblock Studios.
"Wild Words" is the foremost of the tracks with hints of recondite blood riding between reckless changes the category
Manuel Costela "That Summer EP"
WE Fancy YOU Have!
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EP traveling Sometimes non-standard due to the interior of this inexperienced in Britain director with three cuts created specifically for Mona Records.
the EP purely with those hard to swallow sliding dub sounds by ear unequivocally.
At length Unfurnished Words Remix influence "Raul Linares" Madrid processor most beneficent known for "Hyman Bass" and

Manuel Costela - Sweet Kiss (Original mix)
Manuel Costela - Empty Words (Original mix)
Manuel Costela - Empty Words (Empty Words (Hyman Bass Rmx))
Manuel Costela - That Summer (Original mix)