Huminal – We Dwell In The Past [Proton Music]

A career that continues to expand at exponential rate on a stratospheric trajectory, Dutch pairing, Paul Deetman and Jelle Jansen, continue to astound through their Huminal production moniker. As the duo return, once more, to Proton Music, we are extremely proud to bear witness to a further musical evolution with the exceptional, "We Dwell in the Past" EP.

A carefully constructed career path that began with victory in a Dutch national radio DJ contest and grew with invitations to play at large scale techno events in the Amsterdam capital, the Huminal name exploded onto the techno scene via 2011's Amsterdam Dance Event and further triumph in the "Demolition" production contest. Judged by no lesser lights than Marc Romboy and RandS Records head, Renaat Vendepapeliere, "Greeksomnia" went on to spearhead a debut three-track EP for the ever-relevant, FutureForm imprint.

With further DJ appearances across Amsterdam and mainland Europe including a residency at "Electronation" and performances at Brussels' "Groove City Festival", a host of impressive production material has seen the Huminal express train continue to gather pace at lightning rate. Renowned for a distinctive melodic techno styling, original and remix work has garnered a rapidly expanding fan base and blue chip peer support from the likes of Nick Warren, John Digweed and Hernan Cattaneo.

Regulars on the Visceral compilation series, original work Lowbit (and the FutureForm debut) has been supplemented by a host of remixes for Mango Alley, Clinique and Yang. Furthermore, a dozen production credits for Particles including the "Acrophobia" and "Pocket Universe" EPs, paved the way for the 2015 "Knocking on the Sky" debut original EP for Proton Music, bookended by remixes for Nikko.Z and Mondkrater.

Returning to Proton Music with another original EP, "We Dwell in the Past" lights up the melodic techno genre. The title track itself charts a subtle creative shift while retaining the unique Huminal character. A complex and intricate percussive bed crackles and clicks with purpose, each component carefully playing its own part in a glorious harmonic symphony. Evolving with an emotive lead line that growls and expands through open filtered wonder, the track's grandeur is fully displayed post-breakdown in a maelstrom of melodic counterpoint, pounding beat and rich texture.

Partner track, "Jester's Disease", continues the strong pounding beat of its predecessor as subterranean bass throbs across the lower frequency range. A delicious gleaming riff wanders across the track providing a strong melodic narrative that opens up in full view post-breakdown; the resultant affect achieving a stunning hypnotic work that is certain to fire synapses and audio receptors in an infectious wave through its dance floor prowess.

Two new tracks from Huminal see them fully forward looking as "We Dwell in the Past".

Directed by Jay Epoch
AandR by James Warren
Mastered by Cid Inc.
Design by Ben Mautner
Text by James Warren

Huminal - We Dwell in the Past (Original Mix)
Huminal - Jester's Disease (Original Mix)