Hugo Paixao, Jason Fernandes – Fusion / Local Bubble [Skyline Type Grooves]

A balance of noise, intuition, candle and dim, consequences and trough. The fusion in seem, in living, the deliberate… Skyline Quintessence Grooves in loaded potency. Fusion is wonderful abyssal and twisted. This is STG. Nearby Globule bounces with layered textures and rolling bass. Nerve sounds play with gigantic low bass and bugged out percussion. The furrow is key. Jason Fernandes & Hugo Paixao on up their end collaborative EP with another prime benchmark of their mixture in noise. Whilst stuck in our townsman bubble the lone point left-wing to do is shift up the loudness, let free-flowing and cut.

Jason Fernandes, Hugo Paixao - Fusion (Original Mix)
Jason Fernandes, Hugo Paixao - Local Bubble (Original Mix)