Houz’mon, Wax Wings, Bleaching Agent, Venice Calypso – Axis [F O F (Four On Four)]

From the East London underground to the catacombs of Paris and the Roman Necropolis and beyond, Venice Calypso – the brainchild of producer Sebastian Bartz – has been blazing a trail across any number of dancefloors hungry for hedonistic pleasures and a total derangement of the senses.

This is the deliciously sacrilegious and sinful world of Venice Calypso. What else to expect from the resident DJ at HTBX and his own club night, the celebrated blast of electronic heat that is INFERNO, and head of the Four On Four record label?

Emerging blinking from a subterranean lair somewhere in the last creative hold-outs of a capital under attack from an ever-conforming world, Venice Calypso's 'Axis' EP finds Bartz putting his own indelible stamp on the dance agenda. There's no playing about here, no teasing – this bypasses the brain and goes straight to the body.

"I spent the last 12 months in the studio working and developing my sound," says Bartz. "The three tracks on this EP are a fulfillment of that aim." Optimising a variety of frequencies, sounds and rhythms, the 'Axis' EP succeeds in taking you out of the mundane and into a kaleidoscopic world of pleasure. In addition to Venice Calypso's own work, the EP also contains a hi-octane remix by the legendary Houz'Mon, Techno legend Bleaching Agent and Wax Wings, who's signed to The Weird And The Wonderful.

Venice Calypso - Axis (Original Mix)
Venice Calypso - High Frequency Oscillation Test (Original Mix)
Venice Calypso - Low Frequency Oscillation Test (Original Mix)
Venice Calypso - Axis (Bleaching Agent Remix)
Venice Calypso - High Frequency Oscillation Test (Wax Wings Remix)
Venice Calypso - Axis (HOUZ'MON Remix)