Housetronix – Long Night [Natural Rhythm]

Roger Sanchez (Release Yourself Radioshow #762): "Housetronix is a production duo coming out of Moscow. This is a wicked tribal vibe track called Vozes Da Savana. Loving that one!" Listen:

Rene Amesz: Dude! Sounds ridiculously nice! Can you send wav file of that to check out and to support? Is that signed already?

Mike Vale: I liked Vozes Da Savana, sounds nice.

David Penn: I LIKE IT!!! Who's releasing it?

Man Without A Clue: Yes i downloaded that one and will test it. Its a dope tune!

Harry Romero: Thanks. Will check

Darko De Jan: Will check it out these days for sure. Thanx for sending!

Luis Bonias (DJ and Wally Lopez Manager): I already gave them to Wally! I will give them to Ismael Rivas also. Regards

Kydus: Got them, bro!

Lupe Fuentes: Thank you, will check.

Housetronix - Vozes Da Savana (Original Mix)
Housetronix - Long Night (Original Mix)