Hotmood, Monomite, Felipe Gordon – Sample Colossus [Nomada Records]

There si no anxiety Felipe Gordon is one of the most profuse producers of the Colombian funds. After El Caracas Ep which was released by Nein Records, and Mosaico Andino from Forbidden Cuts identification. After playing in some larger festivales in the domain with his side projects, Felipe has dedicated his latest years to make a trip by virtue of epoch, to rebuild re-echoing universes and producing tracks round electronic music. Gordon chooses to manumit owing to Nomada Records: Trial Colossus, an album which set up itself in a meticolous mien with elements from Jazz, Funk and a choice of african sounds, transforming it in today’s and questionable tracks, also holding 2 ecumenical remixers; Monomite from France and Hotmood from México.

Felipe Gordon - Intro (Original Mix)
Felipe Gordon - Presencia y Plata (Original Mix)
Felipe Gordon - Poser Selim Sivad (Original Mix)
Felipe Gordon - Mambiando a Naima (Original Mix)
Felipe Gordon - No CCCP (Original Mix)
Felipe Gordon - Records (Original Mix)
Felipe Gordon - El Arbol Apesta (Original Mix)
Felipe Gordon - Desampleo (Original Mix)
Felipe Gordon - Minucia (Original Mix)
Felipe Gordon - Si Señor (Original Mix)
Felipe Gordon - Mambiando a Naima (Monomite Remix)
Felipe Gordon - Poser Selim Sivad (Hotmood Remix)