Host Bodies – Daily Apparatus [Symphonic Distribution]

"Daily Apparatus" is the debut album from Host Bodies, a live electronic duo based in San Francisco. From the creative collaboration of MC and producer, James Collector, and multi-instrumentalist and graphic designer, Nick Hess, Host Bodies emerges with a genre-defying blend of syncopated polyrhythms, gritty blues riffs, underground hip-hop psychedelia, narrative song structure, and field recordings from cities and the wild. "On A Roll", the opening track, is a spacey exploration of loop pedals and lush textures, featuring Pink Floyd-esque star guitar. "I Am Flying" is the beach jam. "City" is the bubble beat. The album hits its stride on "Hurdles" when James (aka Swoop) picks up the mic, interweaving rap lyrics with Nick's hypaethral guitar shredding over 808 drums and massive synth bass. And then comes "Beads", a cinematic instrumental journey inspired by the Bay Area. "Daily Apparatus" marks the culmination of a long friendship, a friendship based on dedication to music as a lifestyle, a medicine, and a vehicle. Distributed By Symphonic Distribution –

Host Bodies - On A Roll (Original Mix)
Host Bodies - I Am Flying (Original Mix)
Host Bodies - Return (Original Mix)
Host Bodies - Rift Raft (Original Mix)
Host Bodies - Towards (Original Mix)
Host Bodies - Hurdles (Original Mix)
Host Bodies - Happy, Really (Redux) (Original Mix)
Host Bodies - Tunnel Exits (Original Mix)
Host Bodies - Beads Intro (Original Mix)
Host Bodies - Beads (Original Mix)
Host Bodies - City (Original Mix)
Host Bodies - You Are Not Like Them (Original Mix)
Host Bodies - So Good To Be True (Original Mix)