HollywoodGirl – Synthetic Acid Ep [Techno.Black]

A slightest asseveration is made under the aegis use of 808 and 909 drum machines layered with industrial metallic percussion to beget congruity between each keep up with, while ensuring choice during nuanced manipulation. On his introduction EP, HollywoodGirl blends his relationship for old seminary acid synths and basslines with his delusion of an menacing adverse industrial dystopia. Distributed by Earmark Apparatus –

HollywoodGirl - Synthetic Acid (Original Mix)
HollywoodGirl - Sinnvoll Outputs (Original Mix)
HollywoodGirl - Refined Acid (Original Mix)
HollywoodGirl - Raw Inputs (Original Mix)
HollywoodGirl - Lucille Sophie Danielle (Original Mix)