HKE, Rezzett, Darkstar, Zomby – Ultra [Hyperdub]

Zomby's new album is his most focussed to age. These all floor up unpredictable fusions and pristine fissions. Zomby also collaborates on the album with Darkstar, Rezzett, Banshee, Obsequies and HKE. On 'Ultra' he warps in disagreement Eski muck ('Puncture', 'Stiffen', 'Yeti'), creates fancied blooms on 'Her' and Thaw', and builds crystalline music box takes on assembly and 2progression on 'Binoculars' and 'I'. His ultra-modern music has a second to none in harmony stamp, and 'Ultra' really displays his wit to frame assorted and thorough mutations.

Zomby - Reflection (Original Mix)
Zomby - Burst (Original Mix)
Zomby, Banshee - Fly 2 (Original Mix)
Zomby - E.S.P. (Original Mix)
Zomby - I (Original Mix)
Zomby - Glass (Original Mix)
Burial, Zomby - Sweetz (Original Mix)
Zomby - Her (Original Mix)
Darkstar, Zomby - Quandary (Original Mix)
Zomby - Freeze (Original Mix)
Zomby - Yeti (Original Mix)
Zomby, Rezzett - S.D.Y.F. (Original Mix)
Zomby - Thaw (Original Mix)
Zomby, HKE - Tenkyuu (Original Mix)