Hirotoshi Okita, Hyrum Kurre, Dream.E.R., Psychoz – Forgotten Memories: Metapop Remixes [MetaPop]

Respected by fans far and substantial in the Electronic Music/Hoof it community, Messinian's commanding spokeswoman and podium comportment be enduring brought countless cosh and anniversary goers to trust the unexpected. A gen at fusing genres and uniting the masses, Messinian brings a raw sensation and fervour that day by day burns the roof down. While and days again Psychoz has unleashed iffy and brainpower warping tooth grinding and ankle busting stiff-necked and tormenting dulcet disorder. With the unremitting stick up for of his friends and fan underpinning in Philadelphia and a dogged occupation ethic, his melodic course was paved. Psychoz
Fully paradigm changing, this battle-scarred electronic organizer has achieved blot in assorted genres of EDM, Psychoz defies categorization. Armed with a pipedream and an uncanny cleverness to stoolie into clubs as a juvenile, he was performing at serious venues up and down the East Sail in front of he was legally old plenty to get into them. Currently residing in North Philadelphia, he was born into a unostentatious breeding in Los Angeles, California. He not at any time imagined that his passion and compel for music would one day be undergoing him performing in face of jam swollen audiences nearly the ball. Born and living in Germany his roots capture him across the nations to a chain of hot EDM epicenters to the haughty regions of planet Globe. His existence is all round controlling microphones and turntables in fa of uncultured crowds and compelling the liveliness in the venue to a higher up to date. His latest album featuring some of the mankind's matchless lyrical performers caller starring including top predisposition such as USA based MC Messinian, the ill-famed German Rappers Gotten Ghettos, LA Based Jeto & Dozer, as excellently as a graph topping hit by Kadd-3-Wompu$ remixed by Psychoz and Gotten Ghettos.

Psychoz, Messinian - Forgotten Memories (Dream.E.R. Remix)
Psychoz - Forgotten Memories (Hyrum Kurre Remix)
Psychoz, Messinian - Forgotten Memories (Hirotoshi Okita Remix)