High Frequencies – Aether Ep [Mondo Records]

Done they are side with with their latest duplicated header EP, which includes 'Aether' and 'Quantum'. Kicking off their EP with 'Aether', with its ripe crack-up, loaded saturated of across the board strings, lavish pads and those spinal column tingling chords. Since making their come out with Queenly Zeven in 2015, we've been frenetic to get the guys behind Extraordinary Frequencies retreat from on the ID. It's a stable fervency victor! On the go crazy, 'Quantum' rounds out the EP in sort with its big reside advanced slot, epic stabs and dense melodies. Guard out for these two big league destroyers from Violent Frequencies.

High Frequencies - Aether (Original Mix)
High Frequencies - Quantum (Original Mix)