Hibernate – The Monster (2016 Redux) [Alpha Milk Recordings]

Hibernate: 'I really felt that this tune had a lot of potential, and that it could use a darker, more percussive reboot. There was always this nagging feeling to do something very moody and minimal with the track, and I just couldn't ignore it any longer. This 2016 redux is me trying my hardest to accomplish that vision.'

Includes the all new (analog dynamic range) mix option. From now on, Alpha Milk will be releasing each track (when possible) with a more dynamic, less compressed, analog version for those who are against the infamous loudness wars. Although quieter in overall volume, listeners will appreciate the greater warmth, punch and clarity in the . option.

Hibernate - The Monster (2016 Redux) (Original Mix)
Hibernate - The Monster (2016 Redux) (A.D.R. Mix (Analog Dynamic Range))