Hernan Serrao, Revkin – Drifting [Groovenight]

To confer a grand establish discontinue to this Ep, Hernan Serrao remixing Drifting. With influences ranging from Eric Prydz to Markus Shulz, REVKIN brings a merge of 80's synths, techno grooves and half-conscious melodies to the bop make fall. REVKIN is a Ecstasy, Techno, and Reformer Abode DJ from Southern California. Utilising some far out synths the soundscape of Drifting is constantly evolving into new and far-out sounds. Waves:
Waves is a revisionist fall promote in patch, inspired by a run on the bank and listening to Pressure's soundtrack too diverse times. Honing his DJ duplicity for the life few years, REVKIN has jumped chairwoman oldest into Producing. Net him spinning hither the LA and be predisposed to grab an electronic expedition! Drifting:
Methodical even though Drifting started out as a shadowy Techno watch it managed to morph in excess of stretch into something else unusual. While there are percussive elements in the rails that control the techno roots spirited, Drifting also has multiple surreal sounds and chord progressions aimed at making listeners be aware like they are being transported to a distinguishable the human race. Combining a landlady of retro synth sounds and old nursery school percussive samples, Waves evolves as you mind to it, transporting you to a superb day on the West Shore shoreline.

Revkin - Drifting (Orignal)
Revkin - Waves (Original)
Revkin - Drifting (Hernan Serrao Remix)