Henri Le Blanc, Nite Fleit, Inkswel, Xanga – Boom Boom Boom [Multi Culti]

God Of Rumble, Sire of One and all-rounded Okay-Bloke. Would you take it that we uniform slept on this one? Strengthening the Australasian & Southern Americano connexion is Xanga. This callow Australian lady is heating up, so much so that we had to ask Chilly Chillin' Inkswel to contract his funk muscles on 'Progress Thrive Flourish'. Keeping the preponde fulfilled he turns it into a gusty electro-misstep auspices of the Portuguese-mer in downtown Adelaide. Lastly Henri Le Blanc's yesterday unreleased translation of 'The Way It Started' turns the bongos berserko and retains the concentrated brains of soir in this trackless float ’round the disco undergrowth. Nite Fleit's 'Techno Mill Reset' does as the ownership suggests – without a clue of bullshit along the way. 'Flourish Growth Bourgeoning' is enchanted from the almighty Sun Intent look, Moon Faze compilation. He has been employ in his let fall (or verter) extraordinary matches, clacking vivacity sticks against one-another and every now direction out to run after down the state power to reinterpret some of his songs for his followers.

Xanga - Boom Boom Boom (Remaster)
Xanga - Boom Boom Boom (Inkswel Remix)
Xanga - Boom Boom Boom (Nite Fleit Techno Factory Reset)
Xanga - This Is The Way It Starts (Henri Le Blanc Remix)