Helmut Kraft – Memory Of Walls [MONOTON audio]

Manoir II of Helmut Kraft has been chosen for the legitimate Have need of For Expeditiousness Rivals trailer and has been commented as the superior spoor of the plan by most of players all about the fraternity and reach 1.4 millions views on Youtube. This stretch we maintain the adhere to up EP from our Helmut Kraft from France. He delivers again a grand 4 tracker for the floors of the Kraft remix for Jody Wisternoffs singular 'Starstrings' made a area trek after it was being picked up by Pete Tong on by a lot of djs, Helmut Kraft remix has been re-released by one of the biggest skip labels in the States, Hed Kandi America, with a Tocadisco GAMES dense asked Helmut Kraft 3 tracks for their Desideratum FOR Precipitateness Rivals encounter including tracks of Think about, Bastille, Chris Lake, Linkin Deposit, The Bare And Distinguished.

Helmut Kraft - Memory of Walls (Original Mix)
Helmut Kraft - Talking Stones (Original Mix)
Helmut Kraft - The Hidden Door (Original Mix)
Helmut Kraft - The Yellow Stranger (Original Mix)