Helmut Ebritsch, i.qu, Stefan Weise – Contra Emozione [Lucidflow]

Lucidflow's dub master Stefan Weise aka from USA returns to the imprint, following up his last success with Sousk Burden of Logic EP'. Hitting archetypal Lucidflow motifs of dub and micro programming, understated is main feeling that comes to mind when listening to this five tracker. For example, the percussion of the title track is controlled with a tight leash; intricate but never busy. Use of melodic elements is sparing, creating a cavernous arena for pads to swell and dub FX to successive track feels like forging deeper through the cave as lightness is gradually extinguished. 'Einfluss' hushes its kicks into a gentle pat, allowing sprightly percussion to take the lead as almost imperceptibly oscillating dub chords act as the glue. 'Lee' reduces further, the dub element sits in the distance as an elongated texture with only the odd snarl and lick rising to the relatively lighter experience to the dark, Helmut Ebritsch takes 'Contra Emonzione (Club Mix)' and subtly lifts its pulse. The beats and bass sway around each other as the melodic elements bounce off the walls while the Deep Dub Remix features reversing elements that whip around a scattering of frozen on 18th July 2016, please jump on board with us and help us by Agile-Mastering

Stefan Weise, i.qu - Contra emozione (Original Mix)
Stefan Weise, i.qu - Einfluss (Original Mix)
Stefan Weise, i.qu - Lee (Original Mix)
Stefan Weise, i.qu - Contra emozione (Helmut Ebritsch Club Remix)
Stefan Weise, i.qu - Contra emozione (Helmut Ebritsch Deep Dub Remix)