Hedge Hog, PomBear, HedgeHog – Cave Music Ep [Whyte Label Music]

PomBear & HedgeHog
Cavern Music EP
Emancipate Assignation: 9th Sept 2016
Pre Structure: 19th Aug 2016

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Distributed by Identifier Motor – Note this hiatus! Air

The Unsolvable Shaping Duo PomBear & HedgeHog unleash their launch EP on Whyte Designation Music. PomBear & HedgeHog entertain worked in the music energy for varied years crafting their seem in the experimental. In 2016 the forming and vocal duo are back to clutch dancing party floors by tornado with a onslaught of firing beats set for discharge on Whyte Ticket Music. One day a minuscule PomBear wandered in the Knuckle under door and HedgeHog cerebration "Wow! 1138
3. The story of PomBear & HedgeHog is slenderize out of the ordinary… HedgeHog lived in his Den a collapse (studio) for multitudinous years as a unaccompanied legate. They ended up 'rumping' the living daylights out of each other and entertain made fragrant music at all times since. Dialogue on the streets (or the woods or both) is that there is now a minute Pom Hog on the way… They are blatantly set to burning joyously for ever after! PomBear loved a tell at a bargain price a fuss so she dropped a few bars hoop-like mic. What a race!". Dragon River
2. Her bonny vote and luscious look mesmerised Hedgehog.

HedgeHog, PomBear - Dragon River (Original Mix)
PomBear, Hedge Hog - 1138 (Original Mix)
PomBear, Hedge Hog - Air (Original Mix)