Head Change – A Change In My Head [Funktrap Records]

Head Change is more than just a Bass House artist with an affinity for creating spaces that warp minds and get butts moving. He's Jorge Goyco, and he's the creative force behind GOYKO and Rudical music groups (Deep Dubstep/Moombahton and Jungle/DNB respectively). Jorge is currently building tracks that are each his "favorite". He's not just throwing sounds and beats 's polishing and overthinking everything. It's his mission (like every electronic musician) to get these tracks into the hands of current artists, and ultimately play just one festival. That's all he wants. Just one festival. Can he do it?

Head Change - Dang (Original Mix)
Head Change - Looks Like I Found The Party (Original Mix)
Head Change - Mad House (Original Mix)
Head Change - New Dealer (Original Mix)