HBK, Oblique industries, Lola Heart – Pop That [Sleazy G]

All things follows the nevertheless jackin' vibe with smooth fascinating vocals and housey vibes backdrop the street off in the clubs. Tawdry G [Ghetto Appellation] returns with some more excessive society bangers for your weekend maneuvers. Order That Dough follows with Lola compelling things a toy darker and the kooky weirdness flows be means of this HOT fraternity viber so get in proper shape to jack out. Pop That comes pre-eminent with it's off kilter jackin' beats and knarly counci vibe, jacked up choppy vocals and slayer vibe. Lola teams up with Askew Industries which also features the vocals of Arel James for Bassline Antidote. This rhythm we from the quite excellent Lola Boldness bringing forth her squeamish EP Pop That which also features the talents of Diagonal Industries. Lastly we get rid of the EP off with a firing remix from HBK who make over an equally kooky mix congested and impenetrable throbbin' bass & acid overtones which again soul bangs !!! Steppin' things up ghetto vogue with it's warbling basslines, tweety bird whistles and knarly effects construction to that assassin tech pin, spin this one out on those systems and consent it monomaniac. Again Ghetto delivers a tougher & deeper look to tech parliament and yes oh yes, THIS IS Principal !!!

Lola Heart - Pop That (Original Mix)
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Oblique industries, Lola Heart - Bassline Remedy feat. Arel James (Original Mix)
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