Harvy Valencia, DJ Fronter, Victor Vera – Why Dont You [Be One Records]

Voices and melodies complements unequivocally. Dj Fronter provides an mammoth road that continuously builds up with an multitudinous pad that breaks into a techno orgasm. Limitless sulcus. Harvy Valencia creates a brand-new elucidation of the actual.
Be One.
He is now a consolidated dj and auteur that stillness include lot of music to expose to the faction. It's been a big period since we had Prizewinner Vera in Be One for the concluding while. DJ Fronter and Harvy Valencia are signing the remixes, making of this pass out called Detroit Employment unprejudiced unalloyed gold. During all this measure he has released music in big labels like Put, Stereo or Natura Viva. Numberless things be undergoing happened in between and we are proud to contain him aba with us.
Rely on you like it.
The creative tracks are Detroit Trade and Get Down To The Buried. The subordin one is a more quarters dub scrap with bass tunefulness and voices. Capacious backlash, thrilling tune and a tasty speech illustration. The sooner one sounds already as a techno anthem, evidently influenced by the Detroit impression coming from Robert Hood Alma Mater.

Victor Vera - Detroit Calling (Original Mix)
Victor Vera - Get Down To The Underground (Original Mix)
Victor Vera - Detroit Calling (DJ Fronter Remix)
Victor Vera - Detroit Calling (Harvy Valencia Remix)