Hardox, Duncan Mire – Tumbling [Nucleo Records]

Duncan Mire (DM) is known as a fighter, that doesn't give up on what he aims for. At the moment DM is going thru a tough time that forced him to fight harder. This is the Story behind this track, Tumbling, is just a way to put the hardship he's going thru, but never losing the focus of what he aims for. You can hear this on the track, bouncing bassline representing the ups and downs and evolving melody that represents the continuous struggle.

Accompanying this tracks comes the remix of Hardox, another person with the same filosophy and concept of life, so he found a way to tell the same story using diferent words, this is what's the remix is all about. This remix is a new representation of what he's looking to show to the world, keeping his roots well placed but making something new, something diferent, but you can hear the proximity to the current techno style, which give this track a mix of the present and the past at the same time.

Duncan Mire - Tumbling (Original Mix)
Duncan Mire - Tumbling (Hardox Remix)