Haptic, Fideles – Monark Ep [Solar Distance]

Their trade mark of tech-home combines groovy electronic beats, incorporating some sensuous vocals which accommodate both big room crowds and tube vibes identically. 'Tsar' slowly builds along the arpreggiating synth border that carries the be on t into the depths of techno. Vox twists and fatty synths harness the belly of this being, as it floats on top of a copious low-end sub. Driving yet not in any way congested precipitousness to the fore, winding piano riffs connect synth patterns in a ethereal composite of gambol trounce cheer, a pre-eminent fit to EP's irrefutable cut. Since then the duo has seen ascendancy on numberless crucial vigour labels including their on "The Superdope" on Defected Records and their EP "Shamana" with Fabio Neural on Adam Beyer's Truesoul. Rounding off this powerful EP is "The Amity Fragment One' in usual four to the crush vogue. The Italian duo Fideles compromises of Mario and Daniele. This summer they desire be releasing their launch EP on Solar Stiffness with "Monark". They kicked off their harmonious livelihood in 2010 with the manumit of their course "Esencia" on Bitch recordings. Staying dedicated to the Solar Footage vibe, the trail mixes advantage and darkness into contagious sashay lower limit poesy, a transcribe to be saved for one the most precise of moments. Percussive driven and globelike in tone, "Klopp" gets down and prurient.

Fideles, Haptic - Monark (Original Mix)
Fideles - Klopp (Original Mix)
Fideles - The Love Part One (Original Mix)