Hans Thalau, Joseph Wolff, Boot Slap, C.Vogt – Bt6, Part 2 [Connaisseur Recordings]

For the 6th consecutive year already, we're hailing the sun, the summer and the most appropriate while of the year. As continually, we're presenting the classy contributions a bit earlier controlled by the monicker "BT",  split into two parts this opportunity, and later as a participation of the satiated "BBQ Techno" compilation, enriched with highlights out of our repertoire! This is fragment two, featuring upper-class music by our sun worshipers & Patrick Jeremic, Boot Wallop reprimand deed Joseph Wolff and Hans Thalau. Again, we've tried to see the foremost music to ravis the last summer sense and yes, we build titles screaming sunshine, open-air dancing and lots of fun.

C.Vogt, Patrick Jeremic - Nymphs (Original Mix)
Boot Slap, Joseph Wolff - In Your Eyes (Original Mix)
Hans Thalau - Animation (Original Mix)